Trips can be merely touristic but they should always be a really stimulating theme for the photographer. When we travel, we always escape our routine and stress of everyday life. This is why the photographer can display a more open and observant attitude towards the environment. The novelty of what surrounds him should also make him/her more receptive and analytical when it comes to details, elements, character, landscapes, etc.

The photographer has to try not to let escape all the details that have caught his/her attention. After an exhaustive selection, there is no doubt that he/she will go back home with a great collection of shocking images, which will certainly be different from the pictures of other photographers who have travelled with him. This is due to the subjective view of each of us, which is inherent to the professional’s personality, creativity and observation capacity of the environment.


I have discovered Morocco when I have travelled there in June 2009. It is a near country to Spain but they have different traditions. It is a country plenty of light and color.


Pictures done in September 2016. I have discovered a varied country, marvelous and green. It is a country with charming people and they make you wishing to come back in order to drive on the cliffs, forests, lakes, little towns and cities. Enjoying of charming personality of Irish people.

Jinan, China

Pictures done in November 2016 while I was traveling to Jinan, China in order to receive the award “Mo-tse Photography Master Award” on the 6th China International Photography Biennial.


Grècia viatge el juny de 2015 al bressol de la nostra cultura. Un país on es mesclen el món clàssic i la llum de la Mediterrània. La història, el món antic, les nostres arrels més profundes són presents en els carrers, les pedres, la gent, el paisatge i la llum, especialment la llum, base imprescindible de la fotografia.

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